Cumbria’s Museum of Military Life

Located within historic Carlisle Castle, Cumbria’s Museum of Military Life tells a 300-year story of courage, loyalty and service through the memories and treasures of soldiers, their families and communities, during periods of conflict and times of peace.  The museum houses a huge variety of items including uniforms, medals, weapons and silver as well as interactive displays and dioramas including a recreation of the environment of a First World War trench.

On 9 Oct 17, a party of 29 from Headway North Cumbria visited the museum.  After a welcome address, individuals were given the opportunity to explore this excellent museum at their own pace, asking questions of the knowledgeable staff as they went along.  Having been captivated by the excellent exhibits and discovering the stories of some ordinary people who did extraordinary things the group were treated to a delicious cream tea.

More photographs can be found in the gallery in the photo album called Cumbria Museum of Military Life.