Platty +

     Stu Falder reports on the Headway visit to Platty + on 5th August 2017:


Hi folks.  Well what can I say but we had a brilliant time yet again at Platty + (a small friendly family run water sports centre based on the shores of Derwentwater).  Everyone arrived on time to get on the lake for 10am which was a miracle.  Some even couldn’t wait and got there an hour early to enjoy the lovely weather – at least for the ducks!  The heavens opened but that didn’t dampen the high spirits of everyone.

We were split into two groups; one went on the kayaks and the double canoes; the other group went on the dragon boat.  To say that the two groups were competitive was an understatement, let the battle begin!!  Life jackets on as, in the past, a few accidentally took swimming lessons – not good in the middle of the lake though!

After an hour we all came back to shore and swapped one activity for the other. Group A, which had been on the dragon boat first, told Group B their race time – but after Group B had done their race and the timings were announced to all it seemed that someone had been telling porkies!  Which leaves it to be said that can you trust solicitors?  No names mentioned, of course, but they know who they are.  Better luck next time!

Time seems to go so quickly when you are having so much fun, and we didn’t want it to end.  The weather even got nice and warm just in time for us to relax and have lunch.  Some of us decided to make the most of the day and go to the local hotel, Mary Mount, to have our lunch and spend the rest of the afternoon chatting with friends, especially Derrick and son Michael from Headway Newcastle, who had travelled down and spent the night in the lovely Hotel.  There were lots of laughs and the usual banter.

Unfortunately we had to leave and say our goodbyes to all until next time we all meet up.  Some of the gang decided to stay and make the most of the day.  They may even still be there now.

Hopefully looking forward to doing it all again next year.


For more information on Platty + please visit their website: