Brain Injury Identity Card

The complexities of brain injury can make it difficult for people to ask for support. Carrying an official Headway Brain Injury Identity Card can provide you with the confidence to know that if you need help, your needs can be easily identified, whether in social situations, or if you come into contact with police officers or other emergency services.

Each card is personalised, helping the card holder to explain the effects of their brain injury and request any support they may need.

For those who wish to know more please look at the leaflet below:

or visit the Headway website

Applications for the Brain Injury Identity Card can be made online here.  You will be asked to provide the contact details of all relevant parties involved, a photo of the card holder and verification of the brain injury, or the contact details of someone that can verify the brain injury.

Alternatively you can complete the form during one of our Day Centre sessions – please contact a member of the committee to assist you with this.