Headway Releases New Short Film to Promote Life After Brain Injury

Headway has released a new short film introducing the work it does to improve life after brain injury.  The film, which features the personal experiences of two families affected by brain injury, is designed to raise awareness and ensure more people have access to the right help, at the right time.

The film can be viewed by clicking on the image below:

Luke Griggs, Director of Communications at Headway, says:

“Over the past few years, awareness of brain injury and the support available from Headway has risen significantly, with record amounts of press coverage and social media interaction.  This new film complements the additional short films we have created over the course of the past year, including Things not to say to someone with a brain injury, Lost in a crowd, and a range of personal testimony films.  This is a hugely important area of our work as we want to make sure that everyone who needs us is aware that we’re here to help.

We are extremely grateful to Natasha and Paul, and Claire and Lauren for sharing so openly and honestly in the film.  Their experiences of brain injury are unique to them but yet they share many similarities, such as the impact a brain injury can have on the entire family.”


Other short films that may be of interest can be found on the Headway website or by clicking on the picture below: