Headway UK News – Autumn 2019

Headway has published the third (Autumn) edition of Headway News of the year.  The magazine includes the latest news and features from Headway, including: Dancing on Ice star Alex Murphy, Concussion in the spotlight, Let’s talk tech, Carbon monoxide and much more!

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We truly live in the digital age – a time where you can order a weekly shop on your computer, video call your relative on the other side of the world, or speak to a virtual assistant in the corner of your living room to find out tomorrow’s weather.  Technology is transforming every aspect of our lives and in this issue of Headway News the focus is on what that could mean for brain injury survivors and their loved ones.  The feature, on page 14, highlights gadgets that help you remember, apps that guide you around town and even software that enables you to communicate. However, it also explores some of the negatives to all this technology.  There is also a report on an exciting event which took place at one of the Headway groups in Suffolk that brought together experts to explore the tech options available to support brain injury survivors in rehabilitation and long-term care.

The issue of making sure brain injury survivors receive the best possible care is one that Chris Bryant, MP for Rhondda, is extremely passionate about too.  The interview with Chris, on page 10, explores all the great work he is doing as Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Acquired Brain Injury in Westminster and what the group’s future plans look like.

Elsewhere in this edition are articles on the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning, how a young couple’s relationship was affected by brain injury, and on Dancing On Ice star Alex Murphy.  Alex is sharing her story to raise awareness of how strokes can hit at any age.  Make sure to look out for her when the new series of the ITV show begins early next year.