Plants, Loose Change and Newspapers Generate Over £ 900 for Headway North Cumbria

Headway North Cumbria is very fortunate in having members and supporters that are prepared to make an effort to raise the funds that are so essential in ensuring that we can offer our members the support that they need.  Recently a sponsored bicycle ride and a sponsored walk have generated about £ 2,000 between them and we have now been given a further £ 915 raised by some of our members.

Liam Carroll and his father, William, have very kindly donated £ 200 to the branch.  William is a reader of The Sun newspaper and has signed up for the “Sun Savers” reward scheme.  Participants in the scheme have the opportunity to get treats, win prizes and earn cash using a unique code that is printed every day in the newspaper.  For every 28 codes collected the participant is awarded £5.  William has decided to donate the proceeds from these rewards to the branch.  In addition funds were also generated through the cashing in hundreds of loose coins that had been collected over a number of months.

Headway North Cumbria has also benefited from £ 715 raised through plant sales by Deputy Chair and Day Centre Manager Jean Wight.  The money was raised through the sale of plants through an honesty box system where people were able to select from a range of plants laid outside her house, in exchange for a donation towards the charity.  Jean, a founding member and long time supporter of Headway North Cumbria, has raised many thousands of pounds for the charity, not only from plant sales, but through arts and crafts, card-making and other fundraising ideas.  Jean has already embarked on producing a range of Christmas cards.

Headway North Cumbria would like to thank Liam, William and Jean for their magnificent efforts and generosity.  Thank you !!!