Day Centre Cooking

Stuart Falder enjoyed cooking Mini Spinach and Cottage Cheese Frittatas which were sampled by members at the Day Centre.    New recipes are tried out each week at the Day Centre.   Examples of our creations can be seen in the gallery: Read more about the Day Centre

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Jubilee Sailing Trust

Seven of our members enjoyed a week on a tall sailing ship during our latest Jubilee Sailing Trust Holiday. They set sail on 17th August 2015 from Edinburgh and returned on 21st August 2015 in Whitby.  

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Headway UK News Spring 2017

Headway’s exciting spring edition includes all the latest news and features from Headway, including ‘Tears, laughter and celebration at Annual Awards’, ‘The road to Rio – via intensive care!’, ‘The wait for rehab’, ‘A day with a HATS nurse’ and much more. Read Headway UK’s spring news

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