Watchtree Nature Reserve and Watchtree Wheelers

Watchtree Nature Reserve is a 205 acre haven for wildlife and people. Featuring flower rich meadows, old and new woodland, miles of hedgerow and wetland habitats this a place for everyone.  Wildlife is perfectly at home here and we have abundant Brown Hares, the European protected Great crested Newt, numerous breeding birds, interesting moths, stunning butterflies, secretive bats and incredible dragonflies.  The nature reserve is situated within much of the former RAF Great Orton airfield (1942-53) and you can still spot airfield construction dates etched into the concrete by servicemen as you explore.  The Nature reserve is easily identifiable from miles away by the wind turbines located here.  More recently, this place was used during the Foot and Mouth outbreak in 2001 – and even today much of the  site underground is a complex network of drains, pumps and  containment walls.  So, if you thought this was any ordinary nature reserve you could be forgiven.

The Watchtree Wheelers provide cycle hire for all visitors to the Reserve and the huge collection of standard and adapted cycles means there is something for everybody.  You could cruise along in a KMX kart getting down to the same level as the hares and the stoats or hop on a trike so you can take in the landscape views over the tops of the bustling hedgerows.


Headway North Cumbria will be visiting Watchtree Nature Reserve on Monday 8 July 2019.  Participants will be able to walk or cycle around the reserve to enjoy the wonderful scenery and varied wildlife.  The intention is to have a bring your own picnic on site.  The cost will be £2 a head.

The Day Centre will be open, as usual, on 8 July 2019 for those that do not wish to participate.

Information on the reserve can be found in the flyer below or by visiting their website.