Action for Brain Injury Week 2020

Headway has announced that the date for 2020’s Action for Brain Injury (ABI) Week has been set as 11-17 May 2020.

One of the most common concerns from brain injury survivors contacting the Headway helpline or posting on social media is the profound impact that memory problems can have on their lives and relationships post brain injury.  Indeed, in the last year memory was one of the most prevalent issues that callers mentioned when ringing Headway.

The Headway campaignMemory loss: A campaign to remember – aims to raise awareness of the ways in which memory problems can affect brain injury survivors and their families.  It will explore the impact of memory on relationships, recovery and returning to work.  The campaign will include case studies, a survey, social media posts and press work, and branches will have the opportunity to run workshops on memory loss for their members.

Anyone that wishes to participate and/or know more about the survey should review the article here.