Headway UK News – Winter 2022

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The winter edition of Headway News has been published.  The final edition of 2022 features the return of the Headway Awards, the Headway Emergency Fund passes £500,000 in grants, a focus on memory problems and much more!

Read Headway News Winter 2022 edition

The contents of this edition are as follows:

–   Latest news round up

–   The Headway Awards are back!

–   Guide to memory systems

–   Navigating the cost of living crisis

–   Emergency fund surpasses £500,000

–   Concussion Aware Interview: Stevie Ward

–   #HeadwayHeroes at the London Marathon

–   David and Willow tackle Land’s End to John O’ Groats

–   Inside your incredible brain: parietal lobes

–   Creative expression