Headway UK News – Summer 2023

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Summer is here and Headway News is back with the latest news and features from Headway with a focus on the ‘Every 90 Seconds’ ABI Week campaign, features on some amazing creative works from across the Headway network and a fun look at some quirky charity shop finds!

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The contents of this edition are as follows:

–   Latest news roundup

–   Every 90 seconds

–   Look Ahead in the North

–   Making Headway – a powerful performance by Headway Essex

–   Cost-of-living crisis challenges

–   Honouring our London marathon heroes

–   Royal fever

–   Summertime quirky finds

–   John’s (animated) story

–   On A Good Day – an inspiring podcast about brain injury

–   Creative expression – Claire’s story, expressed in a beautiful poem

–   Headway webinars