Finn Completes Gelt Gladiator 10km Challenge and Raises Over £1800

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Finn Graham, son of Headway North Cumbria member, Helen Wilson, has been fundraising for the branch. 

Finn decided that he would undertake the 10km Gelt Gladiator course on 8th June 2024.  The Gelt Gladiator is an epic obstacle race in which competitors clamber, slide and crawl over some fantastic obstacles – these include cargo nets, muddy trenches, a pond run, monkey bars, hurdles and walls.

Finn and his teammate, Tom, tackled the 10km mud run and obstacle course and, to make it more challenging, Finn did so wearing a 20kg weighted vest and boots.  The great team spirit and the support for each other that Finn and Tom demonstrated can clearly be seen in the photo below and in the slide show at the bottom of this article.

Finn wanted to complete this event in recognition of the tough challenge that his mum faced following her acquired brain injury and, in some cases, still faces today.   We feel that he achieved this aim admirably.

At the time of writing Finn has raised £ 1,550 (+ £ 342.50 Gift Aid) for Headway North Cumbria.  Finn’s Just Giving page remains open so if you wish to find out more about his motivations and help Finn reach his fundraising target please click on the image below

Headway North Cumbria is entirely self-funded and is dependent on supporters, such as Finn, to generate the funds that allow it to offer the range of services and activities that it does.  We would therefore like to thank Finn for this magnificent fundraising effort and, of course, the numerous sponsors who supported him so generously.