Calvert Reconnections Website Incorporates Photos of Headway North Cumbria Members

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In a previous news article – Filming with BBC Look North at Lake District Calvert Trust – it was explained that a group from Headway North Cumbria was filmed by the BBC and photographed by the Lake District Calvert Trust to support a news report and articles regarding the Calvert Reconnections project.

Calvert Reconnections is a new project launched by the Calvert Trust which will offer a ground-breaking, world-class rehabilitation programme tailored to support individuals in their recovery following life-changing brain injuries.  Lead by a multi-disciplinary team, this six-month programme will transform lives – offering motivation, developing life skills, providing vocational activity and encouraging outdoor adventure.

A number of photographs from that session have now been used on the Calvert Reconnections website, a new website that was launched in early May 2019.  The new website provides information on the programme, the rationale behind it and the process that participants will follow whilst on the programme.

Below you will find a number of screenshots from the Calvert Reconnections website where images of our members are being used to support the information provided.  These are not intended as a comprehensive representation or recreation of the Calvert Reconnections website, nor are they all of the photos that have been utilised.  It is intended merely as an illustration of how images of our members our being utilised.  Full information should be obtained by visiting the Calvert Reconnections website itself.  The webpage from which the screenshot was taken can be accessed by clicking on the image (please note that, dependant on what type of device you are using the webpage may not display in exactly the same format as shown here):

The Programme: 


The Process:



The Evidence: