VE Day and Other Activities

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In this latest article about what the members of Headway North Cumbria have been doing, we focus on the two weeks before the slight relaxing of lockdown restrictions, in England, announced on 10 May 2020.  The main event during this period was the VE Day 75 Commemoration but we will also look at some other activities that have been keeping our members busy.

VE Day – 8 May 2020

Victory in Europe Day (VE Day), the day on which World War II ended in Europe is marked on 8 May annually.  This year saw the 75th Anniversary and was a Public Holiday.  Many of the events that had been scheduled to mark the anniversary had to be cancelled due to the Coronavirus  pandemic, but many of our members marked the day in their own way.  Some of our members made bunting to hang on their houses and some celebrated with a suitably social-distanced street party.


Our cover photo is of a super 1,000 piece jigsaw of a VE Day Street Party that was completed by two of our members.  They had been working on it for several months, although when they started it had not been the intention that it would take as long to complete as it did!  Thankfully it was completed in time for the VE Day Commemoration.  They tell us that it was great to have had something that they could work on together and that it was very satisfying to do.  It was also really good therapy.  Well done!

Jigsaws everywhere…

The VE Day jigsaw above is not the only jigsaw that has been undertaken by members of Headway North Cumbria.  Others have also been relishing the challenge of putting together lots of differently shaped cardboard to make an interesting picture.  A number of themes have been selected but one member favours murder mystery jigsaws in which the completed jigsaw contains clues to solving a murder described in an accompanying pamphlet.  Another member says “I recommend doing a jigsaw – can’t leave it alone !

Baking …..

Baking continues to be popular with a number of members trying out new recipes as well as producing old favourites.  Carrot cake, banana loaf, croissants, Victoria sponge, dough balls and homemade pizza are among the delicious creations that have been made.

Crafting …..

One member has rediscovered crochet, another is creating knitted toys and blankets and yet another is trying out a range of patterns to try and find the most comfortable and appropriate face coverings.

Gardening ….

The good weather we have been experiencing along with the extra time at home has meant that the gardens of many of our members have received a little more attention than they might otherwise have received.  For some the task seems to be never-ending….

…. and surprise visitors

One family reports finding a hedgehog in the garden that had become trapped when it fell into a hole and could not escape. Pickles, as he became known, was rescued, fed and watered, and given a bed.  After a couple of days Pickles had recovered his strength and was released back into the countryside.

We are aware that for many of our members the lockdown is proving challenging and that many of the activities that they would normally enjoy, including our own Day Centre, are not currently available to them.  We continue to offer members the opportunity to chat in a meeting conducted over Zoom on a Monday and, in so doing, have managed to connect up to 10 members at a time in a virtual group setting.  Our helpline remains available for any member that might need assistance, or just someone to chat to.

This is a difficult time but we are delighted to see so many of our members adapt to the current circumstances, try out new activities, and work on their own projects.  A big thank you to the family members and carers who are keeping our members safe and helping them cope in these extraordinary times.  Well done to all.

Further photos of the activities that our members have been doing can be found in the gallery in the Photo Album entitled VE Day and Other Activities.  The gallery can also be viewed below: