Headway UK News – Summer 2021

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Headway has issued its summer edition of Headway News.  The magazine features: A life of lockdown? Reach out to help out!, Action for Brain Injury Week review, how to manage isolation, inside your incredible brain, and much more!

Read Headway News Summer 2021 edition

The contents of this edition are as follows:

–   News you may have missed

–   Action for Brain Injury Week 2021: A life of lockdown?

–   Don’t leave me behind: Perspectives on social isolation

–   ABI Week across the UK

–   How to manage isolation   

–   Hats for Headway Day

–   Stepping into spring

–   “We were determined to run this marathon”: Our run for Jamie

–   “Smell creates an incredibly important connection!: Duncan’s story

–   DWP to recognise Headway ID Card

–   Inside your incredible brain: The brainstem

–   Creative expression