Helen Completes Her Series Of Poems

In previous posts we have shared the work of Headway North Cumbria member, Helen Wilson, who has written a series of poems exploring her experiences of living with an acquired brain injury.  They provide an insight in to some of the challenges that she has faced and the strategies that she has used to help.

These poems have also been taken up by Headway UK and posted to the Creative Expression part of its website and some have been selected for publication as part of the #CreativeExpression series on its instagram account.

Helen has now completed a further 5 poems bringing the total up to 24.   These new poems are published here first but will shortly passed to Headway UK for use on its website and/or instagram account.

Helen has been delighted by the reception that her poetry has received but feels that she has probably explored as much as she can on living with a brain injury so these five poems will probably be the last on the subject.  She continues to hope that her poems will be of help and interest to others.

In one of these new poems Helen explores her relationship with her son and how he has helped her as she has learned to live with her brain injury:


I spent a lot of my time living in guilt,

Thinking, “what about my son and the life we had built?”

An 8-year-old child who wants to go outside and play,

My priority was Finn, I had to pretend I was ok.

Trying to hide all my pain and tears I would pour,

When his smile after trampolining would appear through the door.

He relied a lot on Archie, his mate who was always there,

Finn could talk to him, share his feelings, a true friend who did care.

They would walk down to the Co-op or over the fields to the beck,

I would panic where they were but could ring them to check.

Changing schools affected Finn, I had no choice, it was tough,

For him to deal with another change, as if one wasn’t enough.

Finn has been so strong through all this, he’s had to cope with a lot,

He’s so brave and I’m grateful for the bond we have got.

He has helped me and seen things that have caused some concern,

I am told “that’s life” and he will only learn.

He tells me stories of my recovery and things he used to do,

Like checking me in bed, keeping curtains closed so no light shone through.

I couldn’t be happier, I know he will be okay,

He is a young man now and growing each day.

I can’t thank him enough for all that he’s done,

I love him so much and proud to call Finn my son.


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Helen is determined to continue with creative writing but will be looking for new topics to write on.  It is hoped that she will share them here.

Headway North Cumbria are extremely grateful for the fact that Helen has had the courage and confidence to share her fantastic poetry with others.  Well done and thank you!

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